Term 1 Week 12

Friday, November 6, 2020
It was great connecting with a majority of our boarder parents and guardians via Zoom last week for a general discussion as well as to answer any questions that they had. Thank you to those of you who were able to meet and we look forward to organising another meeting before the end of the term.

Halloween @ Nexus Boarding
Last Saturday our boarding community got into the spirit of Halloween which began with a lunchtime scavenger hunt as competitors ventured around the school campus searching for spooky clues. Following a lovely Halloween themed dinner which our catering team Cezars prepared, all boarders in-house and those boarders at home connected online to challenge each other in a game of Halloween Kahoots which was organised by boarding council members Aisya and Eva. Well done Arman (playing from the comforts of his own home) who was the winner for correctly answering the most questions.

Ayla and Fatimah then hosted a game of Halloween Fear Factor, which had everybody squirming in their seats as some very interesting looking, yet tasty concoctions such as goblin guts, witches fingernails, dragon toes and ghost powder were made up for boarders to eat as they aimed to win points for their team. Afterwards some of us ended the night playing ghostbusters where using nerf guns, players had to shoot as many ghosts as they could!

It was brilliant to see the enthusiasm shown and the fun being had by everybody throughout the evening.

On Sunday, some boarders spent a relaxing day attempting to complete a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle as well as baking muffins and cake for us all to enjoy for afternoon tea.

This week's boarding virtue which was presented at our online house meeting was Unity which currently relates to us all during the pandemic which is having a major effect on the entire world. The main message that we received was to recognise how important it is to work together and support each other.

Monday Mindfulness - Move a Mountain Monday
Our Monday Mindfulness activity ‘Move a Mountain Monday’ had boarders engaging with each other and self-reflecting on what strategies they could use to overcome their personal obstacles and challenges.
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