Term 1 Week 3 19/20

Friday, September 13, 2019
As we celebrated another public holiday for the King’s Birthday, boarders enjoyed a long weekend in the boarding house. We had plenty to do in-house with boarders taking part in a variety of activities around the campus as well as a shopping trip to IOI City Mall.

Saturday nights entertainment was taken on by Park and Phillip from Schubert Floor who organised team building games in the sports hall as part of the boarding council programme. This was enjoyed by all who took part with more vigorous competitive spirit once there was a mention of prizes to be won!

On Sunday, those who wished for some exercise were able to workout in the fitness suite, and in the afternoon the boarding house kitchen was full of activity as we made cupcakes, cookies, and ‘Mars Bar’ crispy cakes.

‘Movie Night’ was organised in the evening with everybody gathering downstairs to watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom together and eat all of the tasty treats that had been made.

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