Term 1 Week 5 19/20

Friday, October 4, 2019
Last weekend many boarders took on the climbing walls at Camp 5 in 1Utama. The activity was daunting for many who were afraid of heights but it was great to see how many of our boarders pushed through and managed to conquer the highest wall! Typically for the boarding community, there was a lot of support and encouragement for everyone of different abilities who climbed. A big thank you to Mr Duane and MsElzbieta for coming along and spending their afternoon with us all.

In the evening, Isidora and Stephy organised some team games in the sports hall. This included badminton and basketball which was played in a co-operative spirit by all involved. Well done girls. Sunday was a more relaxed affair with our regular morning and afternoon trips to IOI City mall for those wanting some retail therapy whilst at the boarding house many continue to watch the Rugby World Cup with passion in the common area.
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