Term 1 Week 6 19/20

Friday, October 11, 2019
In conjunction with Mental Health Week, boarders and staff have focused on mental awareness and what we can do to support ourselves and others when we are finding things difficult from time to time. Houseparents held mindful meditation for their respective floors after prep which proved valuable for all to relax and clear our mind.
On Sunday, some boys spent the morning cycling around the local presint with Mr Troy. After dinner on Tuesday Ms Bobby led a self-care presentation where boarders discussed what they could do to help improve their personal wellbeing. Ms Gill held a yoga session to relieve any stress on Wednesday evening, and on Thursday evening Mr Duncan spoke to the boarders about best ways to deal with anxiety.
We hosted a Morning Tea & Talk on Thursday for all school staff to spend time chatting with each other over some delicious food, fruit smoothies, tea and coffee. We continue to encourage children in our care to take time out from their daily academic schedule using sports, hobbies, nutrition tips and other strategies to ensure a healthy lifestyle balance.

Community Outreach Programme - Free Tree Society
On Saturday as part of our Community Outreach programme, the Boarding Council organised a trip led by Ms Bobby and Ms Rebecca to The Free Tree Society at Taman Tugu Nursery in Kuala Lumpur. On arrival our hosts cordially took us through their lush urban forests, whilst giving us information and advice on how to combat our ongoing climate crisis. 
We learnt some interesting facts about the low numbers of wild animals and trees remaining due to hunting of precious species and deforestation. We also received the gracious opportunity to rebuild this combusting environment by learning about rainwater harvesting techniques, how to live a near-zero waste lifestyle and how to plant seedlings and small plants in our own gardens. According to statistics, if each member of our global population grew twenty trees, we would be closer to a reduced carbon emissions count. 
Overall, the boarders found it a pleasure to work with one of nature’s most scarce resources. The Free Tree Society is open to the public every Saturday, from 4-6pm, free of charge. For more information please visit https://freetreesociety.org/index.php/taman-tugu/

After a busy afternoon all boarders were treated to a takeaway dinner of KFC chicken and pizza from Pizza Hut. There were some well satisfied children afterwards who settled down to watch more World Cup Rugby on TV or play the card game Mafia which Austin from the Boarding Council organised.
Indoor Football Competition
Our Indoor Football competition is well underway and we have some very evenly matched teams competing for the trophy this year. Every Tuesday evening, teams play each other with the play-offs and final scheduled for the end of next month.

Sign Up for See Saw - to get updated on daily activities and notices
Boarding has recently opened an account to SeeSaw which allows parents and guardians to view up to date activities or notices involving their children. This is another great source for informing them of the fun and educational activities our boarders are exposed to in-house.
Finally, we have many options such as Occasional, Day, Weekly and Full Boarding available. If you are interested to find out more please feel free to visit the Boarding House or contact the Director of Boarding Mr Troy on 017 389 0275 or Ms Lina at the Boarding House office on 03-8890 2533.

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