Term 1 Week 9 19/20

Friday, November 15, 2019
Last weekend was quite an active one in the boarding house. The weekend started off with people enjoying working out in the fitness suite whilst our Year 11’s chose to revise in preparation for the upcoming mock exams.

After lunch, many of our younger boarders went kayaking at Putrajaya lake with plenty of good spirited water fights keeping everybody refreshed in the heat. Most managed to stay upright in their kayak as lots of races between teams meant that everyone was exhausted at the end of the afternoon.

In the evening, Jassylyn organised on behalf of Hampshire Floor, Kahoots as the activity with some chocolate prizes awarded to the winners.

Several topics such as music, general knowledge and film were played but the topic that by far brought the biggest cheer from competitors was Maths!

Sunday continued with the same active approach from the boarders. A bike ride in the morning around the local parks followed by a leisurely walk into the village to buy essentials.

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