Term 2 Week 4

Friday, February 21, 2020
Baseball, shopping, swim & a little baking
For once the sun wasn’t shining on Saturday morning, so the planned bike ride had to be postponed and a relaxing morning was the order of the day. After lunch the boarders travelled to 1Utama to take part in a bit of baseball at ‘It’s a Hit’ batting cages. After many home runs had been scored, the secondary boarders were given some time to shop in the large shopping complex while our younger ones went for an ice-cream with Miss Gill. A big thank you to Mr David and Ms Cherie for helping throughout the trip.

In the evening once the rain had cleared, a night swim was organised for anyone still wanting to expend some energy.

On Sunday many boarders strolled to the village to pick up some baking supplies. After lunch a small group made a collection of rice crispy cakes and chocolate muffins. While the cakes cooled we all settled indoors to watch a film in the common area. We rounded off the weekend with another night swim to end a busy but wet weekend.

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