Term 2 Week 5

Friday, February 28, 2020
Community Outreach at Cat Shelter
As a continuation of our Community Outreach in the boarding house, our boarders visited the S.I Home Cat Shelter in Shah Alam. Many of our Year 12 learners volunteered their Service which is an element of CAS in their IB Diploma Programme.
All boarders and Ms Bobby spent over four hours with the previously stray felines by feeding, playing with and cleaning the cats, as well as tidying their cages. The hard work displayed by all who attended was certainly acknowledged and appreciated by the employees of the shelter.

The shelter runs solely on donations which upkeep which includes building rental that houses all the cats, utilities, cleaning products, medication and food for the 400 cats that the shelter currently houses.

An afternoon at the cinema
Last Saturday afternoon, our younger boarders and Mr Matthew S visited Golden Screen Cinemas at Alamanda to munch on popcorn as they watched Sonic the Hedgehog. The storyline of the movie which featured the ageless comedian actor Jim Carrey, had ​Sonic having to join forces with his newfound best friend - a human named Tom Wachowski, to prevent the evil Dr. Robotnik from capturing Sonic and using his powers for world domina​tion.

Last Thursday evening a lot of our children supported fellow boarders Konomi and Jeffrey who performed splendidly at the Soloists Concert. Both were members of the school stage band, while Jeffrey also played the piano cover Reflection (Mirror Night).
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