Term 3 Week 5

Friday, May 22, 2020
This week boarders were given the task of completing ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ either at home or in the boarding house, and it was great to see so many enthusiastically participate. Keeping with the theme, Ms Bobby, Delta, Liz and Sophie painted some Kindness Rocks to share with everybody on our Boarding House Seesaw page.

On Monday evening some of us gathered in the common room to watch the final two episodes of ‘The Last Dance’, a ​Netflix s​ ports documentary miniseries focusing mainly on the basketball career of Michael Jordan, and his 6-time NBA championship winning team of the 1990’s, the Chicago Bulls.

The unseen footage and insight from the players and coaches proved the high standards, dedication and discipline that was required for the team to be so successful in its era.
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