Year 12 Boarders Need for Speed

Monday, July 1, 2019
Last Saturday, this terms IB Boarders activity of choice was Go-karting at Shah Alam with Ms Caoimhe and Mr Ariff. With our Year 13’s having already departed, it was only our Year 12’s who were to spend the afternoon together. 

After arriving, a safety briefing was given, and those who had no experience in driving were able to practice with the help of an instructor in a twin seater go-kart. All competitors were given two twelve-minute-rounds to race and they had a blast driving as fast as possible to try and beat not only their opponents but their previous lap times. Everybody managed to improve their times in the second race, as they adapted to the track conditions as well as driving with a simple tactic of not crashing into other karts. Cecilie, Matin and Lillian proved to be the fastest drivers of the day.

Year 10 to 12 School Prom Night

Many of our Year 10-12 boarders recently attended the School Prom at the Hilton in KLCC. The Night of a Thousand Lights which was well organised by the Student Council which included boarders Katrina, Lisa, Cecilie as well as MC for the night Matin proved to be a successful evening for all. 

Well done!

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