DIY Project for Young Children

Apr 1, 2020
Thinking of fun activities for your child once they have completed their daily online lessons? Here are 8 DIY projects your child can explore as extra activities at home during the MCO period!

DIY Projects for Young Children

Rainbow D.O.T.S line-up

Materials you need:
1. Rainbow print-outs
2. Dot markers/ stickers

Click here to start your rainbow adventure with your little ones!

Cardboard Attack!

Materials you need:

1. Used cardboard box
2. Glitters
3. Glue stick
4. Colourful markers
5. Crayons
6. Other art supplies that you like!

Let’s turn the box decorating up a notch!

Slimy Party

Materials you need:

1. Glue
2. Baking soda
3. Lens solution
4. Food colouring
5. Vinegar
6. Glitters!

Learn how you can make your own slime with your children at home.

Dance Party with Flashlights!

Materials you need:
1. Music playlist
2. Flashlights
3. Dance moves

Free the frozen sea animals!

Materials you need:

1. Water
2. Container
3. Sea animals toys
4. Seashells
8. Fine Motor Tools
9. Spoons
10. Vinegar
11. Salt
12. Baking Soda
13. Dropper

Start rescuing the frozen sea animals with your children!

Baking soda and vinegar volcano

1. Plastic cup
2. Baking soda (4-6 tablespoons for extra foamy eruptions)
3. Vinegar
3. Washable paint
4. Dish soap

Best location to carry out this experiment: an area with pea gravel, sand, or dirt

Click here to view how you can make a simple volcano experiment!

Giant colouring page

1. Roll of paper
2. Black crayon
3. Water colour paint

Make rainbow rice
1. Rice
2. Food Colouring
3. Vinegar
4. Wax Paper
5. Ziplock Plastic Bag

Learn how to make rainbow rice in five minutes!
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