Withdrawal & Refund Policy

We at Nexus International School understand that there can be circumstances which will force a parent to withdraw their child from our school. Below are the terms of our Withdrawal & Refund Policy.
  • A parent may withdraw the child from the School by giving the School ONE (1) full academic term’s notice, failing which the fee deposit SHALL be forfeited. The said notice shall set out the date of such withdrawal (‘Withdrawal Date’), failing which the same shall be deemed as insufficient notice. Please note that the notice of withdrawal must straddle ONE (1) FULL ACADEMIC TERM. In amplification hereof the following illustrations of what constitute insufficient notice: 
    • If it is intended that the child will leave the School at the end of an academic term, notice of withdrawal must be received by the School not later than the end of the first day of the same academic term, failing which the deposit shall be forfeited. 
    • If the child is withdrawn from the School prior to the Withdrawal Date. 
    • If the notice of withdrawal does not set out the Withdrawal Date. 
  • Provisional or conditional notice of withdrawal is not accepted. If the child is not withdrawn from the School on the Withdrawal Date, a fresh notice of withdrawal of not less than ONE (1) full academic term must be received by the School. The provisions of this clause 10 will apply in the case of prolonged absence of the child from the School.
  • All deposits paid under no circumstances be treated as payment of tuition fees or any part thereof and any other payments required to be paid and may not be used to set-off any amount due an payable by the parent. The parent shall pay such additional monies as are necessary to top up the deposit to maintain its equivalence to one term’s tuition fee on or before the commencement of the relevant academic term. 
  • All monies refundable under the conditions hereof shall be refunded free of interest and must be claimed by the parent within one (1) year from the date the child ceases to be a student of the School, failing which the parent consents and confirms that the School shall immediately and is hereby duly authorised to transfer the said monies into the School Improvement Fund, whereupon the parent shall have no claim in respect of such monies whatsoever. The School shall be entitled to utilise such monies in the School Improvement Fund as the School deems fit. 
  • Where a child has been withdrawn from the School and applies for re-admission, no registration fee will be payable if the child is re-admitted (subject to availability of place) with three (3) academic terms from the date the child left the School, the Application Fee, re-entry fee, tuition fee, deposit and other fees payable, all at then prevailing rate, are required to be paid prior to such re-admission. 
  • The School may require at any time the withdrawal of a child from the School for any reason at the discretion of the Head of School. Reasons may include matters related to the child’s inability to participate in or benefit fully from the School’s curriculum or if there is a breach by the parent or the child of any matters or things set out herein. 

If you have any further questions about our Withdrawal & Refund Policy, please do not hesitate to call us or fill up the enquiry form below.

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