Bringing Creativity and Community Together

Feb 7, 2018
A few weeks ago, the CAS (Creative, Action and Service) trip provided an amazing opportunity for the Year 12 learners to bond and contribute to the local community. For five days, the learners were offered a myriad of opportunities to step out of their comfort zones and seek new experiences.

The most enjoyable activities were river trekking, river tubing, ATV riding and unquestionably, Laser Tag. Many of these activities were not exclusively physically challenging but mentally too. Thanks to the unconditional peer support and assistance, the learners encountered and overcame various fears and challenges. The following day, we were given the chance to interact and impart knowledge on math, English and drama to a group of lovely orphans. It was a productive and educational day for us all.

Overall, the trip was a tremendous success. Filled with wonderful memories and rewarding experiences, the trip posed a great force of unity as well as a platform for learning. From Mr Chris’ engagement on the second night to the laughter from Year 12 K-Pop dancing boys (led by Xing Yu Leong), the trip was unforgettable. Not to mention, the phenomenal accommodation was a highlight of the trip too.

By Lim Xin Yi
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