IGCSE 2022 Results

Fast Facts
Fast Facts

We are proud of our Year 11 class of 2022 who have achieved excellent results in the IGCSE 2022 examinations with a 100% pass rate and 27% of learners scoring a phenomenal 8 or more A* or A while 48% of the cohort achieved 5 or more A* or A.

High achievers include one learner, Wong Yit Jet who achieved 11A*/A and whilst four learners achieved 10A*/A and three learners achieved 9A*/A respectively.

Further to this, 94% of all grades received were between A* and C which demonstrates exceptional progress made by all learners.

Outstanding Results in IGCSE Examinations
As an inclusive school, Nexus celebrates the achievement of every learner, and this year, we are proud of our learners who achieved an average of 0.3 grades higher than their aspirational target grades.

We are also proud of learners who have done exceptionally well with straight As in their IGCSE examinations. Guided by the Nexus Way, our learners continuously strive to be better and their results are a testament to what they have learnt.

Well done to all learners and their teachers for the hard work which led to this success and to the parents for their support.

IGCSE 2022 Top Scorers
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