Nexus Learning

We prioritize teaching learners based on their strengths and weaknesses though Personalized Learning.

We recognise that everybody is different. Everybody learns at different speeds. Everybody has different motivations. Different points of reference. Different knowledge. Different aspirations. And so we are always going to learn as individuals.

Every learner’s journey is one that is personal to them, and as educators our challenge is to identify what it is about each individual learner that helps them learn better and then tailor our  teaching to that learner.

In moving towards this ideal we view our role as being managers of students’ learning experiences, rather than simply teaching "stuff" to kids.

Our goal is to know the learners. Know what they know, and what they do not know. Know what they need to do to get to the next stage. And then give them the tools and resources and equipment that they need to make the next steps.

In this way our learners become independent learners, who are not reliant on the teacher, but rather, can use the teacher as a resource to achieve what they need to achieve.

Personalised Learning

The purpose of a personalised learning is to open learning pathways that allow children to make decisions. It means giving them choice in what, how, when and where they learn. At Nexus, personalised learning is enabled by flexible learning spaces and team teaching.

The Learning Environment

By incorporating the latest methods and research in creative collaboration, we’ve created dynamic spaces that work as multi-disciplinary learning centers. Learners can study across subjects and learning styles, individually and in groups.

The Nexus Primary classrooms and Secondary Learning Hubs are flexible, adapting to both teacher and learner needs throughout the course of a day. An open floor plan and modular furniture allow us to accommodate a wide range of experiences, and to make children feel comfortable.

Self Regulated Learners

To develop self regulation and enable learners to make appropriate choices and decisions about their learning, learners are encouraged to be independent and helped to learn through an enquiry approach where appropriate.  When you visit our classrooms you will regularly notice children working in groups on different activities and making informed decisions as to whether they are at beginning, developing or mastering levels.

Teachers share the learning intentions, success criteria and learning ladders/rubrics with learners so they know what they need to do to make progress and have a tool to reflect on their own learning. Learners set their own goals and can confidently talk about their own progress and learning.

Everyone learns best when they are interested. By personalising learning to individual needs and passions, we can challenge them more. Children at Nexus learn at a level that pushes them, but not so much that they disengage. We also provide frequent quantitative and qualitative feedback to ensure that learners are prepared for success.

Learning is fun

When young people drive their own learning, they become motivated by passion and creativity and love going to school. We love watching them show up early on Mondays, ready to get involved whether in the lesson, co-curricular activities, sporting events or showcases and performances.

"What I love about Nexus is that my child is excited about learning each day."
-Nexus Parent-