Nexus Relationships

The Learner’s wellbeing is important to us as we emphasize our learning focused relation with Learners.

Not students but learners
As learning is the focus for everything we do children at Nexus are referred to as learners. Furthermore we emphasise that our teachers develop a learning focused relationship "a relationship between teacher and learner, where both the teacher and learner want to work together and know how to work together on the learning". (Absolum 2008)

The learner’s role in the relationship is only to learn. The learner focuses on "what has to happen that will best help me to learn?" The teacher’s role is only to help the learner learn. The teacher focuses on "what do I need to do now that will best help this student to learn?"
In order to promote a culture of respect throughout the school there is a joint responsibility of care for all staff members towards the learners and at Nexus we follow the principles of Restorative Practice.
Restorative Practices are based on principles that emphasize the importance of positive relationships as central to building community, and involves processes that repair relationships when harm has occurred.
This culture of respect is also specifically taught through the Personal Goals in Primary and through the Personal and Social Development programme in Secondary.
Mentoring and Guidance
In the Primary school, class teachers are responsible for the well being of all the learners in their class. In the Secondary school learners have a form tutor who supports and guides them as they progress through the school. Some learners have an academic mentor who supports them on an individual basis. Further pastoral support is provided for learners and parents by the Mile Post Leaders in Primary and Phase Leaders in Secondary along with the respective Heads of School.
The two school counselors are an integral part of NISP and together they provide(s) pro-active character development programmes for all individuals as well as social-emotional counselling. Our aim is to enhance and support the intellectual, social and emotional growth through a caring and balanced environment, as well as provide social-emotional counselling for learners who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. The Counselors also communicate(s), co-operate(s) and collaborate(s) with teachers, parents and other professionals to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to achieve school success.
Parents as Partners
We are firmly of the view that there are three groups of people involved in educating young people: teachers, parents and the wider community. At Nexus we have a very active Parent Association and we regularly invite parents to attend workshops run by staff. These workshops are designed to help parents understand our learning philosophy and values so that they can better support their children at home.
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