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Technology has become a crucial tool in social interactions and education in today’s modern society.
The recognition of Nexus International School by Apple Inc. as an Apple Distinguished School highlights our success as an innovative and compelling learning environment that engages students and provides tangible evidence of academic accomplishment. Students at Nexus are called ‘learners’ for a reason. They are not passive recipients or consumers of content they are actively involved in the process of finding, creating and understanding content.

Technology use is part of how we work at Nexus, but it does not define how all learning is delivered. We encourage our teachers to think about how to use technology effectively, so that it enhances engagement and the learning experience. Across the school technology integrators guide teachers and work with learners in lessons to embed technology to deepen the learning experiences.
Overall, we use technology in three ways:
  1. We use digital tools to create and access resources and share those with the learners. Our learner centred active learning approach truly comes alive when supported by carefully curated digital learning tools.
  2. We use technology to connect with parents. Video, blogs, online reporting and booking systems support collaboration and communication between teachers, parents and learners.
  3. We make 21st Century education a reality. We help to develop learners in the use of technology and help them skillfully navigate today's information terrain in a global world.
Apple Distinguished Educators and Google Educators

Our teachers are part of a global community of education leaders recognised for doing amazing things with technology in and out of the classroom. They explore new ideas, seek new paths, and embrace new opportunities.

Download our Apple Distinguished School 2017 below:

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