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Science Experiment: Secret Message

Science Experiment: Secret Message
Nov 1, 2017

Swing into the family weekend by writing and exchanging secret notes with your child. Imagine creating an invisible ink using easy-to-find household supplies and unlocking your secret message with a little heat! Aside from spending quality time, a creative weekend is just what your family needs.

What you need
  • Lemon juice
  • Water
  • Paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Table lamp
What to do
  1. Pour a cup of squeezed lemon juice into lukewarm water
  2. Give it a nice stir
  3. Dip your paintbrush into lemon water
  4. Using the same brush, write a secret message on a piece of paper
  5. Dry your paper close to a heat source (a table lamp would do!)
  6. Once the paper is completely dry, watch your secret message appear!

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