Vision and Philosophy

Our Vision
At Nexus we are committed to being an internationally minded learning community that nurtures and supports every child’s emotional, physical, creative and intellectual needs in order that they can achieve academic success and become globally responsible citizens. We accomplish this by celebrating diversity and challenging minds”.

Our Mission

To be acclaimed by the world-wide international education community as a provider of the highest quality international education which is specifically matched to the needs of our expatriate and local students.

Our policy is to nurture learners' emotional, physical, creative and intellectual needs to achieve academic success.

Our promise is to treat everyone as gifted and talented individuals and to foster those talents and gifts through careful mentorship and guidance that is based on respect for all. We provide a safe environment that allows these talents to flourish; one that is innovative, progressive and grounded in trust, compassion and respect.

In a more connected, more social world, our learners have more choice and greater access to information. We, like many other progressive schools across the world, have become more flexible and adaptive in order to meet the increasingly diverse needs of our learners.
Our philosophy of teaching and learning is towards a more personalised approach to learning.
We have developed a unique vision for learning we call the Nexus Way which has enabled us to achieve international standards of excellence and global recognition.
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