Alternative Pathway Team

Who we are:
We have a very comprehensive and specialist team in the AP but also collaborate with mainstream teachers with other specialisms who contribute to our curriculum. Our teachers have a wide range of experience working with learners from mild to severe learning challenges, social and emotional needs. We work alongside the mainstream support structures building up and creating an environment that allows learners the opportunity to be independent
The Alternative Pathway is part of the Secondary Inclusion Department which is headed by Ms Marianne Dark.  

AP Curriculum Coordinator and Specialist International Special Needs Teacher –
Maddy Proud
Special Needs Teachers –
Nurul Akmar Abdul Aziz
Our Special Needs teachers co-ordinate and deliver core areas of the AP curriculum as well as advice and support teachers within the mainstream on inclusive practises.
Specialist Special Needs Co-Teachers
Pushpa Lim
Christina Velan Kanni
Parveena A/P Mayisvren
CO – teachers support learners in mainstream lessons and facilitate small group lessons as part of the Alternative Pathway curriculums.
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