Alternative Pathway Team

Who we are:
We have a very comprehensive and specialist team in the AP but also collaborate with mainstream teachers with other specialisms who contribute to our curriculum. Our teachers have a wide range of experience working with learners from mild to severe learning challenges, social and emotional needs. We work alongside the mainstream support structures building up and creating an environment that allows learners the opportunity to be  independent
Head of Department and SENCO
Tam Wilson (Specialising in Sciences, Maths & Life Skills)
Second in Department and Specialist International Special Needs Teacher -
Maddy Proud (Specialising in English, Humanities & HANDLE)
Specialist International Special Needs Teachers -
Patrick Frain (Specialising in Life Skills, PSE, Music & History)
Rhiza Capidos (Specialising in HANDLE & Life Skills)
Our Special Needs teachers co-ordinate and deliver core areas of the AP curriculum as well as advice and support teachers within the mainstream on inclusive practises.
Specialist Special Needs Co-Teachers
Pushpa Lim
Sarah Lee
Kuen Liew
The Co-teachers primary role is to support on a ratio of 1:3 in mainstream lessons. Where our Co-teachers also have past experience or qualifications in delivering areas of the curriculum, guided and supervised by a special needs teacher, they may also facilitate small group lessons towards the Alternative Pathway curriculums.
Speech and Language Therapist
Samantha Foy
Our speech and Language therapist runs small group sessions for social speaking at all levels but also 1:1 sessions for those who present a need, Samantha will work on specific oral motor challenges. Goals are set each term and follow the standard AP assessment and feedback procedures.
Self Regulation and Motor Skills Specialist
Susan Lau

Students who display challenges with self regulation will be allocated sessions either 1:1 or small groups to access the Alert program. Susan also provide sessions with a focus on fine and gross motors skills based upon prior assessment of needs.
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