Staying In Nexus Boarding House, Malaysia

A Memorable Saturday

October 10, 2013

On Saturday morning the boarders enjoyed a pancake breakfast. Ms Amy was helped by several boarders who cooked banana pancakes which were covered with lots of honey. 

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Cruise On Lake Putrajaya

October 3, 2013

On the Putrajaya cruise, some of us were either on the upper deck or inside where it was warm and cozy. I was one of those people who were in the lower deck where there was no sun at all. All of us enjoyed the view on the cruise. It was really cool. Although personally it would have been better if the sun wasn’t as burning as it was last weekend.

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What A Weekend

September 27, 2013

Friday September 20:

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Boys and Sport

September 20, 2013

All boys and girls in boarding are encouraged to play a sport but the boys this year have made a great effort to take part in the a variety of school sports. The majority of boys are playing football and rugby while basketball and badminton are played by a few. 

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School Ball

July 4, 2013

Despite the year coming to an end soon, the boarders have been very busy, not just on weekends but also during the week. Arissa, Kenneth, Wi Kiat and many other boarders have been preparing for the NISPMUN Conference.

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Trip to Papua

July 2, 2013

As we head towards the end of the school year, the boarders continue to enjoy many activities provided by the school and boarding. Last weekend the boarders had a fun-filled afternoon sailing on Lake Putrajaya. This week the Year 11 learners are making the most of their time at Club Med in Cherating. Tomorrow most of the boarders will be attending the school ball.  

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Green Academy in Heilbronn, Germany

June 3, 2013

From the 16th of January till the 17th of February, I embarked on a life-changing journey with 17 other Malaysians, 2 Chileans and a lot of Germans. We kick started the party in Schluchsee near the Black Forest where we had our Welcome Camp. There, we had a flurry of different activities and met up with our German host siblings as we tried to break down barriers that separated...

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Karaoke Night

May 23, 2013

The boarders experienced a very different Saturday last weekend. In the morning they helped Mr Andy at the KLSS sports carnival. Boarders could be seen helping in events all over the oval.   A karaoke night was held in the common room in the evening. In between eating popcorn and drinking fizzy drinks, the boarders sang for three hours.

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Paintball Battle

May 17, 2013

Last weekend the boarders spent Saturday morning working as marshals at the Nexus Triathlon. In the afternoon they had an enjoyable time at paintballing:   

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