Staying In Nexus Boarding House, Malaysia

Paintball Battle

May 17, 2013

Last weekend the boarders spent Saturday morning working as marshals at the Nexus Triathlon. In the afternoon they had an enjoyable time at paintballing:   

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ATV Adventure Park

May 10, 2013

Last Saturday we went to the ATV Adventure Park in the afternoon, it was great as we were able to sleep in before having breakfast. For the majority, this was a new and exhilarating experience, yet also out of some people’s comfort zone.

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Table-Tennis Tournament

May 3, 2013

In the early morning of Saturday, our table-tennis team, comprised mainly of boarders set out for our first ever match against 4 other schools at REAL International School. Both excitement and fatigue were in the air as we travelled the 1-hour journey to participate in the tournament. When we arrived the sheer number of good players present immediately intimidated us.

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Treat to Berjaya Times Square Theme Park

April 26, 2013

It was the first weekend since the commencement of Term 3, and the boarders were given a treat to enjoy themselves at the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park. The boarders were clearly in high spirits, looking forward to having the time of their lives. As I was not born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, this was my first time visiting the theme park.

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Wonderful Experience of Go-Kart

March 15, 2013

On the bright and sweltering hot day, we went for the wonderful experience of go-karting in the Shah Alam Stadium. Although there were signs of a thunderstorm when we reached there, we nevertheless managed to go for the promised 2 rounds around the go-karting stadium.

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Trip to Malacca

February 23, 2013

Last Saturday, my fellow boarders and I travelled down south for an unforgettable day trip to the historical city of Malacca. 

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Genting Trip

February 8, 2013

The morning quiet was shattered with sprinkling rain as we boarded the bus. The bus drive took an uneventful 11/2 hours, until we spotted the sign saying “Genting Highlands 500m,” that’s when the bus exploded with excitement. We slowly inched our way into the misty clouds.  

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KL Butterfly Park

January 25, 2013

Last Saturday, Ms Amy and the boarders went to the KL Butterfly Park. It was a beautiful day: it drizzled a little in the morning so it wasn't too hot. When we entered the butterfly park, we were greeted by the sight of colourful butterflies feeding on various flowers and butterfly-host plants.

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