Staying In Nexus Boarding House, Malaysia

Power Packed Musical Production Delights Us All

February 6, 2018

Mr Troy and Ms Bobby transported many of us to the much anticipated and emotional musical production ‘The Lion King’ which was performed by IDEAS Academy, a learning centre for underprivileged students at HELP College.

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Home Run of a Weekend

January 23, 2018

We began Saturday morning with an edition of ‘Breakfast Club’ led by Mr Dan. This week he taught the boarders how to make Shakshuka, a North African Baked Egg breakfast/brunch dish. It’s a one pan, easy but very delicious dish which can be made in a flash and at a low cost which is extremely appealing to those heading off to University next year.

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Mock Exam time for some

January 22, 2018

Following a well deserved break after an extremely busy and long term, our Year 11 and 13 learners returned back to sit mock examinations. Their results which are due out in two weeks time will enable our boarders to see what improvements need made, and also where they are achieving well.

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House Basketball Winners

January 10, 2018

Following a few weeks of round-robin play, the two standout teams, Boarding Big Ballers and Bad Knees fought out an intensifying and at times physical final. The Big Ballers took advantage of more ball possession and converted the shot attempts into points to take a handy lead of twelve points at halftime. Bad Knees then began to sink their shots and at one stage a comeback...

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Christmas Celebrations

January 10, 2018

The boarding house common area was transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland by Ms Bobby with the help from a few of the boarder elves, complete with a large Christmas tree full of gift bags for everyone to have for the twelve days of Christmas.
We celebrated our annual Christmas dinner on Tuesday with a fabulous evening full of events, delicious food and some...

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Boarding House Floors Gain Identity

December 5, 2017

Last week all four floors in the Boarding House were officially named. The decision to name the floors which is displayed on the landing near the entrance to each common room, was to give more sense of belonging and identity. The names derive from those who hold a legacy within and who have made a massive contribution to Nexus School itself.

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Thor: Ragnarok - Excellent Reviews by All

November 23, 2017

This weekend was relaxed, but still very fun!

Mr Dan and Ms Sarah took two minibuses of boarders to IOI to watch the highly anticipated movie ‘THOR: RAGNAROK which is the sequel to THOR: THE DARK WORLD and another film from the Marvel fictional universe. Everybody really enjoyed the film, for some this was their second viewing!

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Cycling and Canoeing on Putrajaya Lake

November 22, 2017

Mr Ariff took ten boarders to Wetland Park in Putrajaya for canoeing and cycling. The participants organised themselves into pairs for both of activities. First was canoeing and everybody seemed rather confident paddling around the calm waters of the lake.

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Trips abroad, motorbikes & trampoline

Trips abroad, motorbikes & trampolines

November 7, 2017

Most boarders returned back from an enjoyable Mid Term break with family, although those who travelled to France and Spain for two weeks as part of a school trip arrived to the boarding house still jet-lagged. Nevertheless, the ‘tourists’ immersed themselves amongst the European culture by enjoying the food, local people and the learning of foreign languages.

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