Staying In Nexus Boarding House, Malaysia

Last minute Christmas Shopping

December 10, 2018

Boarders had their final opportunity to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones at Mid Valley Shopping Mall last weekend. Our ‘Love in a Box’ giving of Christmas presents for children at Rumah Keluarga Kami (RKK) is taking place next Monday.

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Early Morning Park Run Kicks Off The Weekend

December 3, 2018

On Saturday morning Mr Dan took some boarders to the Putrajaya Park Run to begin the day in positive fashion by participating in a fun 5km run. The Park Run started at 7.30am as competitors tried to avoid the intense heat and humidity. The course is run on a flat and beautiful scenic route in Presint 18 along Putrajaya lakeside to Masjid Putra and back.

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Year 12’s experience week away from Boarding comforts

November 26, 2018

For 4 nights and 5 days, the entirety of Year 12 along with the staff IB team went on an adventurous journey together at Radiant Retreats at Janda Baik. In the beginning, many of us were very hesitant about attending the CAS trip because we were still not the most comfortable about one another… well, at least not yet.

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Boarders show off their artistry talent at Batik&Ceramic Painting Workshop

November 19, 2018

On Saturday, my boarding friends and I went on a trip to the Batik printing factory in KLCC. Batik is a traditional type of textile art of Malaysia which originated from East Malaysia. The complex is very spacious and manufactures various batik product like baju kurung and other traditional costume.

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Indoor Football Finals Night

November 5, 2018

On Monday night, the much anticipated Indoor Football Competition Finals night was held as Swift won the 3rd & 4th playoff match against the Year 5 & 6 side Messi is the Best.

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Senior Boarders sing the night away

October 22, 2018

Last weekend allowed our IB boarders to choose what activity they would like to do as a cohort - they unanimously opted for a Karaoke evening at Alamanda Putrajaya. After an initial shy settling in period, the group came out their shells and sang the night away!

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Boarding House shows awareness towards wellbeing

October 15, 2018

Throughout the week boarders attended workshops such as Morning Mindfulness, Meditation and Dealing with Stress and Anxiety, as well as talks by personnel from the Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA) and the Malaysian Music Therapy Association (MMTA) which highlighted encouragement for our learners to share their thoughts and feelings with others when facing challenging...

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Boarders show support for Malaysian Mental Health

October 8, 2018

Last Saturday evening all boarders and Houseparents took part in the MIND Run & Carnival at Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil. The 2018 Mind Carnival is an event centered on the intention to promote community involvement in raising awareness for mental health.

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Khoo wows us all with outstanding achievement

October 4, 2018

Over the school holiday break Year 13 boarder Khoo participated in an Economics essay competition which was organised by the School of Economics, University of Nottingham Malaysia campus and open to all pre-university and high school students in Malaysia.

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